Caterpillar Infestation On Thibaud Playing Field

Caterpillar Infestation On Thibaud Playing Field

Thibaud is a small village located in the northeastern part of the island near Paix Bouche, Bense and Vieille Case. The Thibaud playing field is one of the fields to receive lights, powered by solar energy, as a result of a partnership between Dominica Lotteries Commission and Solaris Energy.

Approximately two weeks ago villagers noticed the grass on the field seemed be dying due to some strange worm like caterpillars that could be seen crawling over it. The villagers were then quickly cautioned to stay away from the field to prevent the spread of these creatures.

Chairman of the Thibaud Village Council, Robert Bontiff, told us that four days after this discovery, that area was sprayed and shortly after everything seemed to be back to normal as athletes are now able utilize the playing field once more.

“The caterpillars were eating the grass on the park down to the mud. We then invited the Ministry of Agriculture in Portsmouth to come and take a look at it. They came, they took samples and later provided us with some sprayers and poison. We then sprayed the park and for now we cannot see any sign of these caterpillars. It seems like they have some what disappeared and I would want to think that the spraying was effective.”

That playing field is home to Thibauds football team”Nemisis United” as well as its rounders and cricket teams. It’s also a playing ground to the students of the Thibaud Primary School and visitors from neighboring communities.

Below is a short video of these caterpillars.


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