Athanaze Strikes Again

Athanaze Strikes Again

Alick Athanaze continued to impress despite the struggles his team faced. Athanaze is now the lead scorer

of the tournament with 417 runs ahead of his teammate Keagan Simmons with 319 in second. Athanaze is the second batsman to score two centuries in this World Cup and the second West Indian batsman to ever score two centuries at an U19 World Cup.

Athanaze scored 26 runs in their opener, and later scored 76, 116 (not out), 3 (run out), and 87 in the follow-up matches including 110 runs (not out) in the Plate Final where they lost against Sri Lanka U19 by 3 wickets, with 2 balls remaining.

Once again congratulations to Alick Athanaze and the U19 West Indies Cricket Team

Visit the link below for more stats of the younger as far back as July 2017.

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