2016 Primary Schools Cricket Championships

2016 Primary Schools Cricket Championships

The Sports Division is pleased to inform that the 2016 Primary Schools Cricket Championships will bowl off on Friday, June 3rd.

The Competition, which will be fully sponsored by the Swiss Embassy, will be played into (2) phases:

  • The Schools Festivals
  • The District Championship

The festivals will be played amongst the individual schools and will be played in a round robin format in 8 districts whilst the District Championship will comprise of the top players from the Schools Festivals selected to represent their district teams. The district championship will be played on a knock-out basis.

On Friday, 3rd June, the schools festivals will commence at four (4) venues from 10:00am.

The schools of the Northern District, namely the RDPS, Paix Bouche, Thibaud/Clifton Combined, St. John’s/Savanne Paille Combined, the Patricia Baroness Scotland/Bense Combined and the Penville Primary Schools will converge at the Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth.

At the Botanic Gardens, it will be the Grand Bay/Pichelin Combined, Petite Savanne, Bagatelle, Tete Morne and Belle Vue Chopin Primary Schools of the Southern District.

Matches for the Eastern District will be played at Jolly John Playing Field in the Kalinago Territory and will feature the Salybia, Castle Bruce, San Sauveur, Atkinson, Concord/Belles/Light House Combined and Sineku Primary Schools.

The Kelleb Laurent, Colihaut/Dublanc Combined, Warner, Salisbury, Coulibistrie and Campbell Primary Schools will meet at the Dublanc Playing Field for action in the Western District.

Schools have been placed in eight (8) districts and will compete in 10 overs-a-side matches before the top two (2) teams from each District advance to the Round of 16.

The Final of the Primary Schools Cricket Festival will take place on June 20th. The District Championship is carded to begin on June 23rd.

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