28 chosen from 35

28 chosen from 35

In the quest of selecting an elite 12 to represent the country in the CBC U-16 Championships to be held in Guyana, The Dominica Amateur Basketball Association made a first cut  selection of 28 out of 35 under 16 male players after two trial sessions. the sessions were held in effort to have a basic view of the players abilities and potential. .the list of names goes as follows (Random Order):

  1. Chad Guadard
  2. Cobin Paul
  3. Owen Joseph
  4. Yawani Regis
  5. Durelle Maynard
  6. Richmond Pierrelouis
  7. Brion Antoine
  8. Lemar Irish
  9. Keniah Lloyd
  10. Josh Joseph
  11. Troy Brooks
  12. Kiefer Francis
  13. Jacob Barry
  14. Jayquan Hamilton
  15. Felix Lawrence
  16. Shyan Isles
  17. The’o Davoren
  18. Jaimie John-Rose
  19. Dante’ Peters
  20. Johnathan Henderson
  21. Kean Barry
  22. Raveek Harriott
  23. Joshua Lestrade
  24. Jose Peter
  25. Shonady Charles
  26. Giovanni Dupuis
  27. Tayanni Xavier
  28. Sherquan Jno. Baptiste

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